School-Based Health

School-Based Health Centers

If your child attends or will be attending Driggs School, Wallace Middle School, or Crosby High School, they have the opportunity to be seen at our school-based health center. Click below for the current 2021-2022 Registration forms.

Offering After School Hours

Comprehensive services are offered during school hours including:

  • Physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Sports Physicals
  • Health Education
  • Acute visits to address illness
  • Chronic Care for issues such as asthma

StayWell Coordinates all care with the student’s pediatrician.

Additional Locations

Wilby/North End Middle School-Based Health Center
460 Bucks Hill Road
Waterbury, CT 06704
Phone: (203) 756-8021 Ext. 3721

Site Coordinator: Esenia Ext. 3721

Driggs School-Based Health Center
77 Woodlawn Terrace
Waterbury, CT 06710
Phone: (203) 596-9503
Fax: (203) 756-8021 Ext. 3650

Site coordinator: Miriam Ext. 3650

Crosby/Wallace Middle School-Based Health Center
3465 East Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06705
Phone: (203) 203-756-8021 Ext. 3704
Fax: (203) 805-4919

Site coordinator: Diana Ext. 3704

Please contact a specific location for more information about hours and services.

Or contact Jamie, SBHC & pediatric Practice Manager (203)756-8021 ext. 3094


Additional Locations

Dental at Driggs Elementary School

Mia was a five year old kindergarten student at Driggs Elementary School who was very frightened to have her first dental cleaning, despite coaxing from staff. The first time Mia came to the Center, she could only sit and watch as a classmate had her teeth cleaned. The second attempt resulted in Mia only putting on the masks and gloves, seeing herself in a mirror, and taking a ride in the “banana chair”. However, the third time was the charm. Mia allowed the dental hygienists to clean her teeth. 

Parents and dentists alike probably couldn’t afford to make three dental appointments without being sure of a child’s cooperation. Mia and the staff were all happy that she was able to have her teeth cleaned without fear and trauma. She gained confidence about herself and her ability to have dental care in the future. 


StayWell Health Center provides comprehensive services to meet the needs of our patients.

With more than 10 locations in Waterbury, CT, we are here to serve you!