Your Health Matters to StayWell

About StayWell Health Center

StayWell provides the full spectrum of outpatient services needed in the locations that are most convenient. Quality is a way of life at StayWell that ensures we are always focused on the highest standards of care, the outcomes they produce and the satisfaction of our patients. A thriving Greater Waterbury community requires its members are physically and emotionally well, with reliable medical, dental and behavioral health services.

Mission & Purpose

Mission: StayWell Health Center is committed to the positive health and wellness within the Greater Waterbury community.

Purpose: StayWell Health Center will deliver high-quality comprehensive services with an emphasis on preventing and combatting barriers.

We Care About Caring for You

Our highly qualified clinicians and staff compassionately provide services for the whole person and your whole family. As a community-based and culturally-responsive organization, our team is diverse in experience, race, ethnicity, primary language spoken and community of residence. StayWell is here for all and include all.

We Care About Caring For You


  • StayWell Health Care, Inc. is committed to providing community health care and social services, including medical, dental and behavioral health services to the Greater Waterbury Community.
  • Each patient is provided patient-centered, quality health care services that focus on prevention, early-identification and chronic care management as needed.
  • As a result, StayWell has adopted a comprehensive, community-based approach to serving patients by providing early education, advocacy and multilingual/multicultural services.

Affordable Care Is Right Here

All patients are accepted regardless of their insurance status. Staff members help uninsured patients seek insurance options and assist with StayWell’s sliding fee scale to find the best payment options. Providing clinically needed health services is and always will be our priority. 

Affordable Care Is Right Here

Partners Matter

StayWell is grateful to the many partners in providing comprehensive care for patients. Generous funders make possible the care that is provided to patients, particularly those who do not have insurance or have limited insurance coverage.

This health center receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Service (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals.


StayWell Health Care, Inc., also known as StayWell Health Center, is a Federally Qualified Health Center founded in 1972. StayWell is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides medical, dental, behavioral health and social services at 10 Waterbury sites and an additional site in Naugatuck. StayWell serves patients from the nearby 37 towns in the Greater Waterbury Area, and 30 additional towns in Connecticut. Patients with private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and without insurance are all provided the quality care they need.

In 2021, StayWell cared for over 26,000 people age 0-100. Services include Women’s Health, Adult Medicine, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Geriatrics, Specialty Care Services, Dental Services, Wellness Care, on-site laboratory, Podiatry services, Diabetes Management, Tobacco Cessation and child abuse prevention programs. We also provide services to special populations such as individuals experiencing homelessness, HIV+, and at-risk youth through mobile programs in schools.


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