Community Programs

Supporting Our Communities

The programs offered help to reduce barriers to care and create building blocks to reaching health goals and personal development.

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Phone: (203)756-8021 ext. 3807

Medicaid Outreach and Enrollment

The goal of this program is to increase access to health care services. Strategies include going into the community and providing information that will encourage uninsured families to apply for health care coverage such as HUSKY or a qualified health plan through Access Health CT.  Application assistance is provided on-site at StayWell’s 80 Phoenix Ave. and 1302 South Main Street locations  by appointment. 

Supervisor,  203-756-8021 Ext. 3001

Certified Application Counselor, 203-756-8021 Ext. 3069

Certified Application Counselor, 203-756-8021 Ext. 3550

Home Visiting Services

The Home Visiting Program provides a family-centered, strengths-based approach which creates stronger partnerships and engagement with parents and improves outcomes for their children. The goal of the program is to engage parents and caregivers by promoting early development, learning and health of the child in their own home where parents and children can interact naturally within their own space and have no limitations.

Visits occur on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis depending on the needs of the family. This program is voluntary with entry beginning before your baby is born, and continuing through the child’s 5th birthday. Parents who have already given birth are eligible for the program on the condition that their child is under 5 years of age. 

Home Visitors Provide:

  • A caring, knowledgeable family support provider to come to your home and give you the information and support you need
  • Community resources
  • Baby care and safety tips
  • Developmental milestones

Key Offerings:

  • Circle of security training
  • Parents as teachers curriculum
  • One-on-one sessions in the home
  • Parent involvement
  • Referrals
  • Interactive playgroup
  • Age appropriate books

For more information or if you are interested in the program, please contact us at 203-756-8021 Ext. 3055. 

Home Visiting Services


This program is a collaboration of StayWell Health Center and Waterbury hospital. This voluntary program aims to provide universal support services to parents delivering in the city of Waterbury during their transition to parenthood. There is no income or other types of eligibility criteria. The program follows families through telephone contact with a maximum of six months to support the transition to parenthood.

Connections Coordinator

Smile Builders

Smile Builders is a mobile dental program that goes to all the schools and some pre-schools in Waterbury and Naugatuck. If your child has HUSKY insurance or is uninsured and attends a Waterbury or Naugatuck school, he or she is eligible for Smile Builders.

Registration for Smile Builders provides your child with screenings and cleanings at school. Call 203-756-8021 ext.3812 or speak with your child’s school nurse to register for the Smile Builders program.

Smile Builders

Ryan White (HIV Care)

StayWell receives funding for HIV+ and AIDS infected and affected patients in the Greater Waterbury area. The services offered are primary care, medical case management, mental health, comprehensive oral health and linkage to various supportive services. These services are provided regardless of ability to pay.

Uninsured patients are not charged for services. StayWell recognizes the unique needs of patients who carry the highest burden of and risk for HIV infection and who belong to communities that have suffered many barriers to healthcare.

StayWell Health Center provides comprehensive services to meet the needs of our patients.

With more than 10 locations in Waterbury, CT, we are here to serve you!