What is Primary Care and Why it’s Important

Primary Care Providers offer a wide variety of services to help their patients stay healthy. Learn what PCP's do, what services they offer, and what the benefits are in having a designated primary care provider in your corner.
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Allergy Services

More than 50 million Americans are waking up with stuffed noses, itchy or watery eyes, coughing, or sore throats because of allergies. Find our if you have allergies and how you can get tested.
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Emergency Kit

Natural Disasters: 7 Ways to be Prepared

No one wants to find themselves in the middle of a natural disaster, but they happen. Make sure you're prepared with these 7 easy tips!
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CDC Covid Virus

Covid-19: Is the pandemic over?

Dr. Elie Helou, MD of StayWell gives us his thoughts on the current state of the pandemic and his recommendations for keeping safe as the Covid Delta variant makes it's way into our communities.
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kids workout

Fitting Exercise into a busy schedule

Did you know that there are a lot of easy ways to get in some exercise in your daily routine? Check out these easy ways to fit in fitness!
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StayWell Expresses Gratitude to Staff

StayWell gathered staff on June 24th for a Gratitude Gathering to thank staff for their dedication and hard work to StayWell and the community during the Pandemic.
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Summer sand

Summer Safety Tips

Summer should be a time to have fun and not a time to spend sick or in the hospital. Our team has provided a few summer tips to keep you and your loved ones safe. From heat related illnesses to pet safety, StayWell has several helpful tips for you!
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Men in kitchen

Men’s Health: 8 Tips for a healthier you

It's Men's Health Week and what better way to recognize the week than by providing a few healthy tips for the men out there! Check out these ways to keep yourself of the men in your life healthy!
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Pride Flag

National PRIDE Month

June is PRIDE Month for the LGBTQ+ community. Learn what PRIDE Month means and hear a personal story from our own Keith Taylor about what it was like growing up.
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Women's Health

Mental Health Month

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Janet Peterson, LCSW at StayWell, offers some words of advice for maintaining your mental health.
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Women's Health

Women’s Health: 8 Tips for a healthier you

It's Women's Health Week and what better way to recognize the week than by providing a few healthy tips to our women out there! Check out these ways to keep yourself of the women in your life healthy!
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Spring flowers

8 Spring Tips to get Healthy

Spring has arrived in New England and it's time to get healthy! Find 8 tips on getting yourself and your home in a healthier condition.
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World Health

6 Tips for a Healthier Life

With the arrival of the covid-19 virus, the world has learned that the health of one impacts the health of many. In honor of National Public Health Week, StayWell compiled a list of tips to help you with your own health to help contribute to the health of your community.
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Healthy Food

Benefits of working with a Nutritionist

Learn what a Nutritionist does, and what the benefits are of seeing a nutritionist. Samuel Smith, the Nutritionist at StayWell gives us a little insight.
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