Story #2

Looking for something new led to a long-term commitment to a mission, an organization and many local families

What we offer is more than just healthcare, we educate our patients for a long-term impact.”  Joan Seabury, RN should know, she’s been educating and caring for patients at StayWell for nearly 30 years. “I was tired of working in a hospital setting, especially after two strikes. When I looked for something new I found StayWell, which offered flexibility important for my young family.  When I learned of their mission, I knew I could make a difference here. I have gotten to know so many families over the years and I am now seeing the babies of the babies I cared for!” 

Joan has grown with the agency, from 5,000 patients a year to 26,000; from a women’s health nurse to the Nurse Manager supervising 47 clinical support staff. 

When asked what her professional life has taught her, Joan replied, “To see the whole person. Even though StayWell is ever-changing, growing and expanding, we always see the individual. Each patient is unique and holds tremendous value as a human being.  As such, each and every one is respected and valued.”  

Joan Seabury       

Joan Seabury
Nurse Manager

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