Story #5

Tenacity and teamwork are the keys to overcoming tremendous obstacles

St. V’s of Waterbury and StayWell have had a long history working together to provide people who have no access to healthcare with treatments they so desperately need. StayWell provided Covid vaccines for our staff and clients, case management for a variety of our clients’ needs, medical, dental and behavioral health. While StayWell has helped clients with cancer and diabetes, one case in particular stands out to me.

About 10 years ago, one gentleman came to us who had some very severe heart problems and he almost immediately had a massive heart attack right in the shelter which almost killed him. After being hospitalized, the staff at StayWell were able to help stabilize him and get him linked up with more comprehensive care based on his needs. StayWell was the gateway to ensure that he was able to get treatment, committed to consistently taking his medications and attending follow-up visits. I’m happy to say that eventually he was housed and remained a StayWell patient for his primary care needs.

The staff at St. V’s and StayWell have a close partnership, and what I love most about StayWell is that their aftercare and follow-through is amazing. The nurses and providers go above and beyond what they need to do to make sure that our folks in the shelter are cared for and receive the help they need.


Jered Bruzas
Director of Operations, St. V’s

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