Story #7

What happens when the bus driver gets sick?

StayWell has been providing health care to Sue since 2011, despite her insurance status.  Sue recently turned 50 and suffers from a common chronic disease that requires ongoing management.  Diabetes can be challenging, but hasn’t stopped her from working full time, being a good partner, family member and neighbor. 

Unfortunately, many challenges have come from her insurance status being inconsistent over the past 10 years.  When Sue lost her private health insurance, we helped her apply for Medicaid.  At redetermination, she was over-income for Medicaid by $13/month and coverage was discontinued. Her new employer does offer insurance but unfortunately, the cost for her would be 2/3 of her weekly paycheck.  This is unaffordable given other basic needs expenses, leaving her uninsured.  

Despite these challenges, Sue has never had her healthcare interrupted.  She has remained a patient at StayWell with access to all services.  She has received the care she’s needed to manage her health so that she can continue to drive the school bus daily.  StayWell provides healthcare for individuals like Sue and others who work but do not have health insurance paid by their employer.  

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