Health Happenings Newsletter – April 2022

Give Local

Ali Separy, Marketing and Communications Manager showing Give Local spirit in 2021.

After 50 years of providing medical, dental and behavioral health services in the Greater Waterbury area, we ask you to join us in sustaining our comprehensive scope of care for uninsured, Medicaid and Medicare-only patients. 

During the upcoming 36-hour Give Local fundraising event last year, 276 donors generously donated to support the healthcare we provide to all in our community, regardless of insurance status.  We hope you will join these donors and StayWell in making a difference in the health of our community


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Onshalyte LeeWhen an organization has long lasting positive effects

Early life experiences help set children up for a lifetime of learning when their brains are developing quickly. Emotionally nourishing relationships lay the foundation for lifelong health and well-being. 

Fortunately for me, my mother made choices when I was an infant that would contribute to that foundation building. She joined StayWell’s Nurturing Parenting Group when I was a few months old, reinforcing her parenting strengths and giving her new parenting tools to support my successful growth and development. 

Years later, my mother was driving a school bus.  Although the job didn’t come with health insurance, she appreciated the means of earning income and balancing parenting.  My father had been laid off from a manufacturing job, leaving our family without health insurance. We turned to StayWell again to provide pediatric care at an affordable sliding fee.

After graduating from Quinnipiac in the Spring of 2020, the pandemic increased the uncertainty around where or how to start my professional career.  My mother saw an internship announcement on Facebook by the Chief Development Officer, Christine Bianchi, who had facilitated her parenting group 21 years ago.  I applied, given my interest in the healthcare field, having watched my mother’s long-time struggle with kidney disease. 

My internship soon became employment that I maintained while pursuing an MBA.  My work and contributions were varied, including outreach to seniors, organizing and preserving historical documents, creating a media archive and staffing COVID testing efforts with lab processing and results delivery.  Along the way, I was supported and encouraged by my wonderful co-workers.  After graduation, I returned to my alma mater, Wilby High School as a substitute teacher in hopes of passing on some of my experiences to help similar kids, while remaining at StayWell part-time.

The skills I will need in my professional career were enhanced during my time at StayWell.  My colleagues patiently helped me grow and prepare for my next life phase.  Their faith in my abilities carried me as I searched for professional employment.  I am thrilled to be starting a position as a lab assistant soon, although I will miss my work at StayWell.    

I believe StayWell was an integral part of my early years, positively impacting my life’s accomplishments.  As an adult, StayWell was there for me again, contributing to a strong foundation for my professional life. 

Onshalyte Lee, BS, MBA

Huge Thank You to:

Thank you to the customers of Ion Bank who voted for StayWell in the 2022 Community Awards Program. There were 209 non-profit organizations who participated in this program.  For each vote received, Ion Bank awarded the agency $25.00. StayWell received 31 votes which resulted in a check for $775.00!

Additional thanks to:

Savings Bank of Danbury Logo

AwardStayWell Health Center has been recognized as a 2021 Community Grant Recipient by the Savings Bank of Danbury Foundation in appreciation of all the outstanding work that we do! 

StayWell received a check for $2,000 to support the dental program for patients who are uninsured. 

“We are proud to support StayWell Health Care and the services provided in the Greater Waterbury community. We understand 91% of your clients are low to moderate income individuals. This grant from the Savings Bank of Danbury Foundation reflects our appreciation and respect for the commitment and efforts of the volunteers and staff of your organization.” -Savings Bank of Danbury Foundation





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