Health Happenings Newsletter – March 2022

Staff Appreciation on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Staffing has been a challenge at StayWell over the past two years, similar to nearly all healthcare entities and many other industries.  Some departments have experienced a 26% vacancy rate at times.  This does not include the weeks of reduced staffing as a result of illness or Infection Control.  Despite this challenge, staff came together and remarkably provided care for nearly 23,000 individuals in 2021.

Starting February 17th, StayWell acknowledged Random Acts of Kindness Day by distributing StayWell embroidered sweatshirts to all employees.  This small token was intended to show the appreciation that Administration and the Board of Directors have for the kindness extended to patients and colleagues each day. 

The sweatshirts were a big hit as can be seen in the smiles below.  It has been a pleasant surprise to have many inquiries for obtaining their own sweatshirt.  More info to come!  In the meantime, know that the generosity and support from so many is also appreciated. 


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Miriam LopezPatients and staff grow to serve others

Twenty-three years ago, Miriam Lopez of Waterbury started working at StayWell as a Data Entry Specialist for the Healthy Start Program.  After being promoted to the role of Case Manager, she met a client who was a single mom and did not have what she needed to fully support her family.  Ms. Lopez helped her navigate the healthcare system and connected her with community resources. 

“I recently ran into this same woman and learned she had successfully continued her own personal and professional growth and is now a social worker helping others.  Besides my daughters, experiences such as this one drive me to help others in need every day,” shared Ms. Lopez. 

Ms. Lopez has continued to be a noteworthy role model and leader at StayWell Health Center, playing a major role in the growth of the center while serving in many capacities with increasing responsibilities.  As the Director of Clinical Operations for Medical & Behavioral Health, she oversees much of the clinical regulatory compliance, service delivery workflow, new initiative project management.  Ms. Lopez understands the importance of having resources available for clinicians, administrative staff and patients who are striving to reach individual and community health care goals.  She has garnered thousands of dollars’ worth of donated medical supplies, vaccines, and personal care items for patients and community members alike, amongst other achievements.

As a full-time working parent who raised my children in Waterbury, “I know first-hand what struggles many in our community experience.  Most often it has to do with basic access to the things that are needed,” she says.

Miriam is an alumnus of the first graduating class of the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI), which she credits for her public speaking and advocacy skills.  Miriam is known for her approach to solving challenges, assessing issues and providing solutions, and understanding the role our personal lives play in our overall health. “My office has always been the place where people can come and share their struggles, I hope to continue to be that place.”

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