Allergy Immunotherapy

November 2, 2021

doctor visitA few weeks ago we released a blog topic about allergies and how to tell if you are suffering from allergies. This week we’re going to explain what Immunotherapy is and how it helps treat your allergies. 

One of the most effective treatments for environmental allergies is called allergy immunotherapy. Most allergy medications only treat allergy symptoms, such as a runny nose or sore throat. Allergy immunotherapy is the only FDA approved therapy that treats your allergies themselves and prevents them from getting worse. Without allergy immunotherapy, most people’s allergies get worse over time.

What is Allergy Immunotherapy?

Allergy immunotherapy is the process of exposing your body to small amounts of what you’re allergic to. Its goal is to increase your body’s tolerance to these things until you no longer experience symptoms.

Immunotherapy is a long-term treatment that can provide many years of allergy relief.

How does immunotherapy work?

Each treatment contains a small amount of what triggers your allergic reactions, enough to cause a minor, small reaction, and give your immune system a chance to strengthen. Over time, your body learns that the allergen isn’t a deadly threat.

The benefit of immunotherapy

  • Decrease need for allergy medications
  • Decrease need for rescue inhalers
  • Treats the underlying cause of your allergies, not just the symptoms
  • Long-term relief
  • Prevents allergies from getting worse
  • Improve quality of life

What’s next?

Getting treatment for allergies starts with an allergy test. Allergy testing is the first step to identifying and treating allergies. To find out more and to schedule your allergy test call us at (860) 969-1363 or ask your provider during your next visit. More information can be found on the Allergy Page.

David Flax


Chief Operating Officer