StayWell Announces New Online Experience

StayWell Health Center is excited to announce the official launch of the new online experience in preparation for our 50th Anniversary next year. While you may have noticed new signage going up during summer and fall, the website was also on the short list to spruce up for the next phase.

“As we head into our 50th year, we have a responsibility to over 24,000 patients in the Greater Waterbury area who rely on StayWell to deliver exceptional care, but also to make sure that the community is aware of our services and how to access them.” Don Thompson, CEO of StayWell Health Center.

 Among the many design changes, patients can now navigate through the website to learn about services, enter the Patient Portal to schedule appointments or check their medical records, and contact StayWell. StayWell has also included a News section which features articles from staff, tips and tricks for healthier living, and personal stories from staff to keep users up to date in a rapidly changing environment. After receiving several awards in 2020 from HRSA and the American Medical Association, StayWell has also added an awards page to highlight the important work being done, as well as local recognitions and staff achievements.

 “We wanted to create an experience for users that would bring together our patients, donors, and providers in one place that was easy to navigate. We felt that in light of everything happening in the past year, it was more important than ever to move this project forward, not only to provide the easiest access for our patients, but also to be an informative resource for the community during uncertain times.” Allison Separy, Marketing & Communications Manager for StayWell Health Center. “People have questions about testing and now COVID vaccines. As one of Waterbury’s best kept secrets, we needed to get the information out to our patients and the community.”

While StayWell built on the original content of the old website, there is now a new online donation platform that has been added to accept donations by credit card, making it easier for donors and community members to support StayWell monetarily.  Over 1200 vaccines have recently been administered to non-StayWell patients free of charge.  This is just one example of how StayWell contributes to the community overall, but also illustrates the need for accepting donations. Individuals can also sign-up for e-mail newsletters to stay up-to-date. StayWell is a 501 (C)3 and relies on grants and outside donations to provide the many services and programs offered to our patients and community.

To learn more about StayWell, please visit our About Us page, or follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)!


Allison Separy

Marketing & Communications Manager

StayWell Health Center