StayWell Expresses Gratitude to Staff

July 2, 2021

Last week, StayWell held a Gratitude Gathering for our StayWell family to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication that our staff have shown since the beginning of the Pandemic. As the world changed and StayWell adapted to life in a pandemic, we quickly realized that the health of those in another country, can impact the health of people in our own community. While the majority of people stayed home, our staff came to work and offered virtual appointments and implemented new safety measures and mobile community testing. Staff members stepped outside of their routine roles to help wherever help was needed at any given time, going above and beyond what was asked of them. 

On Thursday, Staff gathered to enjoy an afternoon event where they could mingle, catch up with other departments who they had not seen in over 15 months, and eat cupcakes from Cutie Pies in Thomaston, CT. After mingling, staff and guests moved into the auditorium at Sacred Heart High School for a brief presentation.  

Don Thompson, CEO, started off the presentation by welcoming staff and guests followed by a brief moment of silence for those who have been lost both personally and professionally over the last 15 months. Following this, Mr. Thompson gave special thanks to Holy Cross High School and their staff members for allowing the use of the school courtyard and auditorium where a large number of staff could fit comfortably. Members from the Waterbury Board of Alderman who attended were introduced and President Paul Pernerewski, Jr. presented an official citation from Mayor O’Leary’s office to thank StayWell for the collective sacrifice, dedication, commitment, courage, and continued service to our patients.  In addition to this, StayWell also received a letter from Senator Christopher Murphy, commending StayWell on our endurance and commitment to keeping the community safe.

Kim Wachtelhausen, a Representative from Congresswoman Jahana Hayes office, presented StayWell with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for the brave sacrifices to protect the health of our communities while providing over 7,250 Covid-19 tests, and over 10,000 vaccines. 

Finally, Christine Bianchi, Chief Development Officer, spoke to the efforts of her team and finding a way to show our thanks to staff for their hard work.

“I hope that we can all use today as a much needed, collective deep breath, a reset, and a reboot, because we have endured and thrived collectively through this unique time.” Bianchi said, “No one in this room was untouched or without impact from this pandemic. And equally so, StayWell needed each and every one of you to reach our many accomplishments.” Following this, a video was then presented to staff expressing our gratitude for all they have done and continue to do for our community. Check it out below!