Thanksgiving Day Message 2020

November 25, 2020

On behalf of StayWell Health Center’s board of directors and executive management team, we’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude for the community that has come together in the interest of health and wellness. The pandemic response community has included innumerable partners impossible to mention here. Yet, we must shout out in gratitude and indebtedness to our courageous and steadfast StayWell team. Staff have been flexible, committed, and all hands-on-deck regardless of their typical role in order to ensure needed testing and services are provided.


The healthcare industry has never been pushed so hard to adapt than during this pandemic. Systems changed, protocols changed, procedures changed, but one thing that has remained is the quality care that StayWell provides. Our teams provide care to so many in the Greater Waterbury community, and never forget or deny care to those most vulnerable-the homeless, addicted, poor, uninsured and underinsured. They have maintained the level of excellence in quality outcomes that rank StayWell in the top 1-2% in health center outcomes across the country. Exceptional!


So please join us in recognizing our dedicated and selfless STAYWELL staff on this Thanksgiving, as we also celebrate the dedicated team of partners throughout the region’s heath care system. Your support of our front-line workers has been appreciated. The supplies, treats and funds during this pandemic have made this situation more bearable. We are thankful for your support.


We wish you and your loved ones a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.

For more information on StayWell and to support our mission visit the About Us page.