The Importance of Self-Care


In our busy society, the idea of slowing down to focus on Self-Care is often an unfamiliar concept for many. Over the years of working with patients, I have helped patients implement self-care practices as part of their journey toward wellness.

Below are some tips that can be part of a good self-care plan.

healthy food

Healthy Eating

It is not always easy to go for healthier food choices, in our busy daily life. As I suggest to patients that I work with, implement one healthy choice that you can with meals, focus on small gains. For more on benefits of healthy eating, check out this article in Medical News Today.


Getting enough rest is important to self-care. Yes, easier said than done sometimes right? However, your body needs time to recuperate as well as your mind. Good sleep can improve your physical health and your mental health. has a great article on the benefits of sleep. 

Keeping your body moving

Exercise is one way that I have heard from patients is important to their self-care. Whether it is taking a walk, hike, working out, or simply moving your body for a few minutes a day. These activities can increase physical health and help prevent anxiety and depression. 

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Keeping hydrated is essential for you body and health. Water helps keep your organs functioning normally, helping you feel healthier. To learn exactly how your health is improved by drinking water, check out this article from

Have Fun!

When was the last time you did something fun? I hear often; “I haven’t done some of the activities I used to enjoy anymore.” Part of self-care is being able to de-stress by doing what you enjoy such as a hobby or recreational activities (being outdoors, etc.). Make some time to get back to doing something that you enjoy and find fun!

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Janet Peterson, LCSW

Behavioral Health Clinician/Manager

StayWell Health Center