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StayWell Announces New Online Experience

In preparation for our 50th anniversary, StayWell took on the project of re-vamping the website in order to make it more user friendly and convey information to patients and donors.
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International womens day

StayWell Celebrates International Women’s Day

StayWell supports women in the workplace and has taken a moment to honor four women at StayWell who are extraordinary. Learn what they do and what led them to where they are today.
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Chronic Illness and the Family

When we think of chronic illnesses, we think of people going in and our of the hospital, taking medications, and working with doctors to manage their condition. What most people forget is that the chronically ill person has family members who often experience many feelings while caring for their loved ones.
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Covid19 Sign

Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines- a break down of the data

Dr. Skye Zeller explains how the covid-19 vaccine works, and compares the Moderna & Pfizer covid-19 vaccines and notes the key differences between the two.
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Wintery City

6 Tips to Avoid a Trip to the Emergency Room this Winter

Winter in New England brings a new set of possible injuries that could send you to the Emergency room. Learn what you can do to avoid common injuries and protect yourself and others. Learn tips to avoid falling, dressing for the weather, how to prevent sickness, winter sports, winter driving, and reducing the risk for...
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Chase Waiting Room

StayWell Health Center at Chase

StayWell Health Center is excited to announce the transition of the Chase Outpatient Center to StayWell health Care Inc. As a long-time institution committed to serving the Greater Waterbury residents though it's commitment to providing community-based medical, dental, behavioral health, and social services, StayWell is uniquely qualified to continue the high level of care provided...
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People wearing face masks

Pandemic Burnout: What is it and what can you do about it

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought on a new form of burnout that doesn't only apply to work anymore. Learn what Burnout is and how you can manage it.
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7 Tips for a Healthier Fall

Fall is a great time to re-set and get ready for the winter months. Find great tips on how to make your home healthier for the Fall season!
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man with closed eyes

5 Simple & Neat Grounding Techniques!

Learn great grounding techniques that are simple and easy to do wherever you might be!
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Keith Taylor

Living with HIV: A Lifetime of Living

Picture this: 1980, there’s a big epidemic on HIV/AIDS, it’s taking out everyone who gets it, friends are dropping like flies, there was medication they were taking that consists of 3-16 pills. Some had to take it twice a day, then take over the counter medication to fight the side effects.
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